Case Study

Ice Kart Racing

Generating leads for an exciting, new local business

Ice Kart Racing

The founder of Ice Kart Racing came to us with an audacious plan: to build a brand new Go Kart track on ice in Minnesota.?A month before launch, we were brought in to use Facebook Ads to generate as many e-mail leads as possible from folks in the state who might be interested in booking an afternoon at the track.

How we did it


The goal of this campaign was twofold:

  1. To generate as much excitement as possible about the new track among the residents of Minnesota.
  2. To gather as many e-mail addresses from potential customers as possible.


  • We created excitement around the launch of the new track through the use of a short video which clearly showed customers having fun on a similar course (video was graciously provided by business partners in another market).
  • Our approach here was unconventional: we did not ask for customers’ e-mail addresses or any other information at the outset. We wanted to invoke curiosity and create a spark of excitement.? We simply asked the question… Who’s ready for Ice Karting?!
  • We retargeted folks who had engaged with this video in some way with a follow-up ad that asked if they’d like to join our VIP wait list. Clicking the ad resulted in a form appearing on users’ screens, with the majority of the fields auto-completed by Facebook.


Our strategy involved the implementation of a simple, minimum viable funnel. We would engage prospects with a compelling piece of video content as our first contact, and we would seek to elicit e-mail addresses from those who engage with that original post in a follow-up campaign.


Our goal was to create and a promote a piece of video content that could go viral among Go Karting enthusiasts in Minnesota. The results of this campaign were even better than we could have anticipated. This campaign achieved:

  • 4.3 million people reached (almost entirely in the US)
  • 2 million video views
  • 154,700 engagements with the post
  • 10,000 new fans of the Facebook Business Page
  • Over 1,000 new, qualified leads for the business at a cost of less than $1 per lead.
“Some people understand how to run and optimize ad campaigns really well.?Some people understand how great content captures and holds people?s attention organically. Milo understands both.

The campaign he ran for us?absolutely crushed it.”

James M

Founder, Ice Kart Racing

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