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infinite tours

Selling high-ticket travel packages using Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Infinite Tours

 Infinite Tours book and lead unforgettable trips around the world for Australian revellers.

Tours are often based around music festivals, including Coachella in the US and Hideout festival in Croatia.

How we did it


The goal of the Facebook & Instagram advertising campaign was to sell out the USA and Croatia tours. This amounted to 200 tickets at an average cost of $4,000 for a total revenue of $800,000.


  • We began by bringing a large number of prospects to the website through an engaging piece of video content at the top of the marketing funnel.
  • We nurtured these prospects over a period of several weeks, retargeting them with a wide range of advertisements on different platforms.
  • We converted them by focusing our efforts on the leads who had demonstrated the highest intent and showing them testimonials from other satisfied customers.


Our strategy involved building a multi-level funnel for people to become aware of Infinite Tours, become further accustomed with the different tour options available, and finally to confirm a booking on one of the upcoming trips.


The funnel brought a large number of high-intent visitors to the website and led them down a very effective conversion path, resulting in a Return On Ad Spend of 70x.

“Working with Milo has been incredible from the get go! Being constantly up to date with the progress of all social campaigns and monthly reporting made it very easy to understand where we were at with sales and how we can improve our reach. With many people calling themselves?Content?Creators?and Social Media Managers these days it was very refreshing to have someone like Milo who is experienced and very genuine.”

Dane D

Co-Founder, Infinite Tours

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