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the website company

How we lowered cost per new customer by 83% using Chatbots

The Website Company


The Website Company specializes in building simple websites for local businesses across Canada.

In addition to repairing old websites and building new ones from scratch, they sell a monthly subscription to their website management service.

How we did it


Prior to working with Milo McMahon Consulting, The Website Company was acquiring new customers using Google Adwords at a cost of approximately $1,200 per acquisition.

The goal of our Facebook ads campaign was to acquire new customers at the lowest possible price.



  • We invited small business owners to start a conversation with us in Messenger by asking the simple question; were they paying too much for their website?
  • Once inside the Messenger thread, a Chatbot built by Milo McMahon Consulting would engage with the customer, segment them into those seeking a website fix and those seeking a brand new site, and seek to elicit their contact details.


  • Our strategy was to target audiences most similar to our existing customer base who are currently overpaying for their website services, and attempt to acquire their name, email address and phone number to forward on to the sales team.
  • After testing various methods, the most effective was the use of a chatbot.


  • Compared to a traditional lead form, prospects were 5x more likely to share their contact details with us when using a Chatbot.
  • 20% of conversations started resulted in the generation of a lead, and 25% of these leads closed, resulting in an 83% reduction in cost per new customer for the company.
?Milo is very knowledgable about how to leverage social media advertising to meet specific business goals. He is a creative problem solver, able to think outside the box and bring forward solutions we had never considered. His enthusiasm is contagious and he and his team were a joy to work with.?
Spen M

Co-Founder, The Website Company

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