Client Testimonials

Milo McMahon and his team work very closely with a small number of clients. We treat every brand we work with as if it were our own. Discover what our clients have to say about their experience working with us by watching the videos below.

Dixie Creek Waterfowl founder Peyton Evans was hesitant to hire a marketing agency, but is glad he pulled the trigger with Milo and his team.

By using dynamic ads to showcase their broad product range, we were able to profitably 3x revenue for this business within the first month.

Jigalode founder Damian Fernandez took a chance by hiring Milo and his team in the midst of a pandemic. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s made for his business.

By focusing on folks who had engaged with Jigalode on Facebook & Instagram over the previous 6 months, we were able to gather low-hanging fruit and increase revenues to 9x where they were during the same period the previous year.

Entourage Tours lead unforgettable trips around the world.

Amidst unprecedented uncertainty, we were able to sell out a 15 boat tour and safely guide guests throughout the beautiful Whitsundays Islands.

Exclusivity, urgency, and a focus on safety allowed us to achieve over 50x Return on Ad Spend.

In a matter of weeks, Magnus Canis + Co founder Daniel Davis went from having a great product (but no eCommerce presence), to having a world-class website and Facebook ads funnel, all built by the team at Milo McMahon Consulting.

Cat Howell is the founder of Digital Distillery Pro, a mastermind platform for the world’s best Facebook Advertisers. Having achieved all of the highest benchmarks in the industry, Milo is now a Facebook Advertising Expert Coach to the 500+ students enrolled in the program in 2021.